Lust: Why You Shouldn’t Fear It

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Lust: the emotion that shakes social conservatives and religious apologetics to the core; yet, the same feeling that lights our evolutionary trajectory, ensuring that our race survives into posterity.

If the word is atomized, it becomes apparent that it is nothing more than the guiding force behind our attraction to one another. However, it also becomes clear that lust is selfish and doesn’t sit well with specific social groups.

Consequently, the word inspires controversy; yet, there are several benefits to being lustful. Here are three:

  1. Without lust, we cannot experience intimacy. As mentioned above, lust is the driving force behind attraction. How do we know if we like someone romantically if we first don’t lust for them? We must allow our bodies to undergo the chemical manifestation where our pupils dilate, our skin moistens, and our pheromones fill the air. That happens if we allow lust to have its place.
  2. Without lust, we cannot envision a future with a potential mate. However, lust is much more than us picturing a forbidden voyage to a bed covered in snow-white linens and roses. When lust is given its proper place, it can trigger scenarios filled with rewards and punishments, allowing us to determine if this potential relationship is worth the risk.
  3. Without lust, we cannot enjoy sex. No more significant harm have we done to ourselves than to believe that sex is the scourge of all humanity. I find it interesting that the conservative groups that fiercely oppose the enjoyment of sex are the same groups that fail to see the first commandment given to humans. It wasn’t thou shalt have no other gods before me but be fruitful and multiply. There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex. However, we think there is. As a result, we miss out on great relationships, or we destroy great relationships because we are afraid to lust and enjoy sex.

Of course, I’ve given you the synopsis on lust. Some countless books and experts highlight why we shouldn’t fear this powerful emotion. I encourage you to look into the benefits of lust.



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Edy Zoo

Edy Zoo


Edy Zoo is an author who writes about social subjects. He contributes to the ever-growing library of social critics.