Randy Rainbow’s Latest Parody: The Satirical Saga of DeSantis

“Welcome to DeSantis”: Rainbow’s Witty Commentary on the Politician’s 2024 Bid.

Edy Zoo
2 min readMay 16


On Monday, May 15, the gifted satirist Randy Rainbow offered his unique take on a highly anticipated political event. With his latest parody video, “Welcome to DeSantis,” Rainbow unceremoniously cast his spotlight on the Florida Governor as he teeters on the brink of announcing his 2024 presidential run.

True to form, Rainbow kicked off his video with a faux interview, a signature move that sets the stage for his biting commentary. He emphasized the string of contentious policies championed by DeSantis, dryly suggesting the governor’s suitability for the presidency.

“Who needs cultural advancement, diversity, compassion, or Trixie Mattel?” Rainbow posed. His rhetorical question highlighted the stark contrast between DeSantis’ policies and progressive values. The quip further implied that under DeSantis, the nation could be en route to a regressive era reminiscent of ‘the dark ages’.

Rainbow’s critique didn’t stop at the preliminary interview. He followed it up with a satirical rendition of the song “Welcome to the 60's” from the 2002 musical Hairspray. Rainbow’s version, however, was less about bouffant hairdos and more about the potential pitfalls of a DeSantis presidency.

The song, peppered with Rainbow’s signature wit, painted a bleak picture of DeSantis’ leadership. He used lyrics that critiqued DeSantis’ policies, including banning books and promoting bigotry. Rainbow didn’t shy away from highlighting the potential danger he sees in DeSantis’ leadership, warning of a future where “our lives are secondary to their godd–n guns.”

The parody concluded with a biting comment on DeSantis’ polling numbers, which Rainbow pointed out were on the decline. In his final jab, he made a grim prediction about the future of human rights under DeSantis’ leadership, claiming the governor would protect the nation until it was “safe for wealthy Christian whites.”

This is not the first time Rainbow has focused his satirical lens on DeSantis. He previously targeted the Florida Governor’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill in his April 2022 video, “GAY!” The latest parody, however, signifies Rainbow’s ongoing commitment to using his platform to critique and question controversial policies and figures.

Rainbow’s humor is certainly biting, but it also invites viewers to critically examine the politics at play. With his clever lyrics and sharp commentary, he’s not just making people laugh — he’s encouraging them to think, to question, and to engage in the political landscape. While his songs may be laced with humor, his message is serious: it’s crucial to pay attention to the actions of those in power and consider the potential consequences.



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