The Hidden Truths of Infidelity: Debunking the Myth of Women’s Guilt

Dispelling the Myth of Guilt and Unveiling the Emotional Landscape of Female Cheaters.

Edy Zoo
4 min readApr 16


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As a man who has had my fair share of affairs with married women, I’ve often wondered how they felt when cheating. To answer my curiosity, lately, I’ve found something interesting. Contrary to popular belief, women may not feel as bad as we think when they cheat. In fact, they may experience a complex range of emotions that defy the cultural myths surrounding infidelity.

The stereotype of the guilt-ridden, regretful female cheater has been deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness. However, recent studies and expert opinions suggest that women’s experiences with infidelity are far more nuanced and diverse than previously believed.

Consider these three statistics:

  1. A study published in the journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior” found that 40% of women who had cheated on their partners reported feeling guilt. In comparison, 60% felt no guilt at all or even experienced positive emotions as a result of the affair.
  2. According to a survey conducted by the dating site for married individuals, Ashley Madison, 62% of its female members claimed they felt no guilt about having an extramarital affair.
  3. Psychologist Dr. Alicia Walker’s book, “The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife,” reveals that many women find empowerment and personal growth in their infidelity, leading them to feel liberated rather than guilty.

These findings challenge the long-standing notion that women who cheat are invariably overwhelmed with guilt and remorse. Instead, they paint a more complicated picture of female infidelity, one that encompasses a wide array of emotional responses.

The reasons behind women’s affairs are as varied as the women themselves. For some, it’s a means of rediscovering their sexual desires and reclaiming their sense of self. For others, it’s a way to cope with unmet emotional needs or escape from an unhappy marriage. Many women seek out affairs for affirmation, a renewed sense of self-worth, or even an opportunity to explore their sexuality.



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